Saturday, June 26, 2010

WE_R_1 Wins Judges' Choise at Anime Mid'Atlantic

WE_R_1 Wins Judges' Choise at Anime Mid'Atlantic.. Happy Dance Commence! This is my first win EVER.


Final Circle Segment for WWoA

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful World of AMV

The MEP Wonderful World of AMV has been released. Its v ery HQ production. 35min you wont even notice went by if your a disney fan.

Video: The Wonderful World of AMV
Category: Action, Comedy, Drama, etc. (+6)
Anime: Sailor Moon, Princess Mononoke, Excel Saga, etc. (+18)
Song: Reflection, Kiss The Girl, One Jump Ahead, etc. (+20)
Artist: Christina Aguilera, Little Texas, Brad Kane, etc.
Creator: Code and others (+16) (Invictus Studio)